Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seems everyone is too shy???

So I will just have to tell you and send Marcia a little something as she was the only one to leave a comment and had a good guess and very observant but not the right answer
The answer was that Tilda was coloured up using different mediums which might of been a bit difficult to pick up from photographs.. Here is what I used I decided to try out all the different things I have bought on my colouring journey and see the different effects of each one..

Different mediums for colouring
By far my favourite medium as it seems to be less work then the other methods I just need lots more practice to get my blending and  shading or light source methods as some of my favourite bloggers go check out Zoe's colouring she works magic with her copics..

Distress inks I need work in this area as it seems streaky to me ... I have stamped and heat embossed Tilda first on watercolour paper 300gsm weight so its nice and thick

Water colour pencils and a distress ink face and skin colours as the skin colour in the pencils was rather pale and I didn't like it much, again I have heat embossed Tilda on 300gsm WC paper..

Last is Twinkling H2O's I do like the finish when using these as they have a lovely shimmer, again I have used distress ink to do the skin and heat embossed on WC paper....

So after all that I still think the copics will get the most use so now I just need to get some more pennies and buy some more colours I have about half the ciao colour range but really need to get some refils to freshen up some of the colours I do have..

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Marcia said...

Oh tricky Vicki ... told you the colouring was gorgeous, now I know why!

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