Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Puppy Dog..

Puppy at about 10 weeks old xmas 2012

A bit of puppy damage she hasn't been too bad and hasn't chewed up much.. she has peed and pooped on the floor though a habit we can't catch her doing as we are asleep when it happens she does try and wake you up to let her out sometimes...

Her name is Buddy

That's me ...

The only scrapping I've done lately before xmas 2013.. As I have brought a heap of project life stuff and had good intentions but did manage a page or 2 project life for Jess wedding photo's but really need to buy printer ink so I can print my own photo's the correct sizes..

When Frank first got puppy he said that she wasn't a very manly dog.. lol!!

She loves going for a drive and is patiently waiting for daddy to take her somewhere - these are the most recent photo's of her..

Gee!!! daddy is taking a long time..

Smile!!!! for mummy

May as well sit he is taking so long..

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