Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick and easy cards plus a few others...

I whipped these up today for a tute in Debscreations. well not all of them a few are from other cards I have recently made and not uploaded..
Ally & Beeble from the Emerald Faerie collection today's effort

The Larakins Ashton & Boo from the Emerald Faeries again.
I'm not quite happy with this card as after I took the photo I saw that it is a bit unbalanced so I will add something to it to even it up a bit and put a photo on later to show you.

Ebony is just the cutest

Here is Kenz & Tilly using a technique Julie put up in her class at Debscreations you should go check it out as it's a technique I hadn't used before and I like the end result which the photo really doesn't pick up.

Another quick and Easy using Isla

Here is another quick and easy card using tilda but she has been playing before her party and her dress got dirty can you pick it out..
Thanks for looking hope to seeya back next post.

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